Professional photography for your dealership

Give them an experience, and they’ll come back.

Professional Photography

Impression - Excellent photos breed customer confidence. That one picture is the first thing a customer sees from your dealership. Seize the opportunity to impress them.

Personal Dealer Photographer

Professionalism - Not just anyone can create great photos that sell a car. Your own personal dealership photographer is trained using our proven photo system.

Expert photo management

Organization - Bringing those vehicles to market as quickly as possible is our next priority. We go unit by unit finding out what's ready and what's not.

Bi-Weekly notifications

Accountability - Twice a week you'll have notifications informing you of aging units and which vehicles need to be brought to market.

How we do it in 120 Seconds.

See how it works.

What We Do.


Using our proven system we hire and train professionals to take crystal clear photos of your inventory. We enhance and arrange those photos in such a way that that speaks to the customer. Then we upload them using your existing dealer inventory site.

HOW we do it.

We understand that every dealership is different. Our goal is to create a crystal clear photo of the main product you’re trying to sell. The future of showcasing your inventory online is using a better environment. We’ll help you choose a dedicated staging area on your lot that will give the best results. If necessary we’ll assist with making any improvements.  It’s about showing the buyer what they want to see to make a decision at home, without distractions. You need to capture their imagination and shape mental ownership online, so they’ll walk right through the door with a stock number for the real thing.

The goal of creating an advanced photo system for your dealership that is new and age-appropriate isn’t just for the customer though. The by-product of using a progressive approach for your image, is that it creates sharp tools for the modern dealership and sales team, i.e., phone calls, e-blasts, advertising, email and social media content. Implementing a quality, consistent image of your merchandise to the customer in a more dynamic way online, shows the customer not only do you care about your image, but you care about them and the product your representing. It gives value to the experience.

Last but not least it is our commitment to stay on top of those goals for you. We do everything for you while keeping you informed as needed.  Every morning we’re scheduled at your dealership, we’ll have a fresh photo report in hand to get vehicles that are ready to the online marketplace. Two times per week we’ll send you email notifications with aging units highlighted in red that need your attention to be pushed through recon. By knowing if or where there are possible breaks or lapses in your production chain, notifications help all parties involved stay accountable and bring vehicles to market more swiftly.


90% of Customers look online first

100% of those customers look at photos

$40k-50k spent per month on traditional marketing

10% should be spent on what the customer actually sees.

Our Recent works


what people are saying

  • “They (customers) already know what the engine does, they know the fuel economy. The biggest choice they are going to make is the condition of the car. If the image i crystal clear for them online, they feel comfortable and will inquire about that car.” – Kevin Herlehy, Volkswagen Santa Monica

  • “You know, when you pay somebody, you just want to know that it is handled. With Dealer Image Pro, I’ve never had to ask for anything, it has always been taken care of.” – Ken Christ, Rusnak Westlake

  • “The pictures are great. It’s not just that though. Its that I know that they’re on top of it and it’s getting done. That’s worth it to me.” – Sean Fortier, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz of Calabasas

  • “The photos are phenomenal. These guys do a great job of following up and making sure that everything is up to par and that nothing is missed. It allows us to focus on selling cars, rather than worrying about our images online.” – Kris Kratky, General Manager of Carson Honda

meet our team

Pro Photographer/Photo Manager
Pro Photographer/Photo Manager
Pro Photographer/Photo Manager
Pro Photographer/Photo Manager
Pro Photographer/Photo Manager
Pro Photography/Photo Manager

What are you waiting for? You’re in the car business. Lets make a deal.

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