Less talking, more solutions

Shaping your new merchandising platform.

Creating a staging area

Step 1. Walk the property Step 2. Determine the budget Step 3. Design a solution Step 4. Get to work

Every dealer is a little different. Maybe you have the back corner of a lot. Maybe a corner of a warehouse. Perhaps you just have a fence. No matter what your situation is, Dealer Image Pro will help you find a solution to provide top-quality photos for your inventory. You don’t have to commit to expensive. You just commit to getting the best solution for your budget and space.

When you call us, we’ll walk your property with you.

Finding the best solution for the space you have is our expertise. We’ve designed dozens of indoor and outdoor photo-staging areas for some of the finest auto dealers in the business. No other photo company delivers this service better than Dealer Image Pro™.

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way.

We can provide incredible results with a reasonable budget.

Clean backgrounds

Remove all distractions. Get more attention.

Removing distractions allows the customer to focus on your product. Removing trees, light poles, and other vehicles not only creates a background free of distractions; it creates fewer reflections on the vehicle. Photographing vehicles against clean backgrounds creates a clean, consistent, look for your online showroom. This is the only way your vehicles should be presented online.