Photo Assistant

Meet the star of the show.

Imagine perfect photos, every time.

Harnessing the power of the iPad Pro®, Photo Assistant uses a whopping 12 megapixel camera with on-screen guidelines to create beautiful, crisp, and consistent images of your inventory. With a solid 4G LTE connection, your photographer has an up-to-date inventory list in hand at all times, ensuring optimum Time-to-Market.

Wireframe Guidelines

Our guidelines turn anyone into a natural photographer.

Wireframe Front Wireframe Light Wireframe Tire Wireframe Interior Wireframe Engine Wireframe Steering Wheel

“Get the car within the lines at the right angle, snap the picture, and its done.”

-Anthony Gladney – General Manager, Lithia Audi Des Moines

During the capture process, step by step the guides walk your team member through the process in exactly the same way, every single time you photograph a vehicle. There are photo guides for a coupe, sedan, truck or SUV. There are over 40 guidelines to choose from. Your photo specialist will place the order of the guides to move your team member the most efficent way to photograph the vehicle.

Inventory Lists

Stay informed, stay on track.

Inventory Lists

Time-to-market is everything. Your photographer needs to know which vehicles still need photos at a glance — so Photo Assistant™ puts an up-to-the-minute inventory list in their hands. Together, Photo Assistant™ and Autoport™ create clear and concise communication between your inventory tools, your managers, and your photographer to maximize efficiency and shorten your overall time-to-market.

VDS Technology

Your cars have met their match.

Never capture the same new vehicle twice.

Our VIN Duplication System, VDS™ is a powerful piece of tech. VDS™ stores images of new vehicles captured. It prompts the operator whenever he or she scans the VIN of a new vehicle with identical attributes. The operator snaps a picture of the VIN and window sticker, and images from the identical new vehicle are matched instantly. VDS™ saves labor hours and gets real photos from your new vehicle inventory online fast.

How it Works

You shoot the photos


01 Scan

Scan the VIN.


02 Capture

Capture the vehicle using the wireframe guidelines


03 Send

Send the RAW photo files right from Photo Assistant

We’ll take it from there


04 Autoport

RAW photos are received by Autoport in perfect folders separated by VIN


05 Pro Edit

Professionals crop, align, and adjust RAW photos for consistency before adding our Digital Wax® filter


06 Publish

Crisp, clean photos are uploaded to Autoport and syndicated by VIN to your inventory tools daily

Photo Boot Camp

Turn any staff member into a pro photographer in two days.

Two to three days of on-site training for your chosen staff member familiarizes them with the device, teaches them ideal vehicle positioning, and assists in creating a workflow to achieve the best possible time-to-market.

Addressing Utility

Photo Assistant™ is everything a DSLR isn’t.

Check Mark

Resolution - The first DSLR cameras were less than 8 megapixels and took great photos. Since then, megapixels and file size have increased dramatically.

X Mark

Accuracy - The best DSLR in the hands of an inconsistent operator means inconsistent photos on your virtual frontline.

X Mark

Efficiency - DSLRs slow the process down. It takes a long time to transfer, edit and rename image files. It’s time-consuming to train a user. Even though DSLRs are made to take pictures, that’s all they really do.


Check Mark

Resolution - Photo Assistant uses the 12-megapixel camera from the iPad Pro®. Capturing at 4000 x 3000px, it’s more than sufficient for auto retail photography.

Check Mark

Accuracy - Photo Assistant has Wireframe guidelines that promote accuracy, ensuring your customers experience standardized photos across your website.

Check Mark

Efficiency - Photo Assistant shows the user how to take the photos then sends the RAW files wirelessly back to our platform in organized folders. It also gives the user up-to-date inventory lists, so your team member knows exactly which vehicles still need photos.

Photo Assistant was made for Auto Retail.

Ready, set, go.

Get your inventory photos and video on lock-down.

Photo Assistant™ device and user kit are included in every in-house Photo Assistant™ package. For more information, call 866.963.1199 or click the button below to get a proper quote. Stop putting off merchandising, and start saving labor hours and get consistent photos for your inventory right now.

We are dedicated to your success.