To make the most accurate and efficient photo process in the auto industry.

What makes us unique?

Dealers have more options than ever.

As photographers, programmers, and automotive enthusiasts, we are shaped by our experiences, guided by our industry and inspired by our clients. As problem solvers and solution makers we are nimble and responsive to the needs of our dealers.

We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and unconventional creativity to create what the auto industry needs today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. We see inefficiencies where others don’t. We see needs that others can’t fill.

It’s not just about getting you the perfect photos — it’s about having a partner that has mastered the photo process. We want to save you time and mental bandwidth. We want to change the way you bring your vehicles to market.

Sean Anderson and Vimal Ghorecha


Transitioning from manual to automatic

One of my mentors — the first GM that ever hired me to take his inventory photos — told me, “You have to move towards technology if you want to scale.”

There is a way in which a vehicle should be photographed to show off its most flattering angles. These compositions have been around forever. Refining an order of shots that is quick and efficient enough to get through large volumes of vehicles takes a long time. Training photographers to get perfect shots for auto dealers is tedious and time-constraining. But that’s the way we have always done it at Dealer Image Pro.

Even when we were just getting started as a company, there were dealers calling from across the country, outside of the major metropolitan areas, that wanted and needed the same quality photos, the same time-to-market, the same consistency, but without the cost. It was these smaller franchise dealers that we thought would benefit most from a photo service like ours.

The challenge was that we couldn’t reach them. If one of our photographers in Southern California quit, got sick, or had to call out for personal issues, it was easy enough to move staff around to cover their shifts, but what were we supposed to do to cover photographers scattered across the country? It really just didn’t make financial sense.

We had been toying around with the idea for an app for a while.

One day, I’m driving around and talking about this with one of my more business-savvy friends, and he says, “Why don’t you give the power to the dealership?” And suddenly, it hit me. If we could put our system in an app, we could teach them our methods and they could do the whole thing in-house. If they had wireframe guidelines of those flattering angles, they could get perfect compositions for us to professionally edit and upload.

If you told me a few years ago that Dealer Image Pro would become a software technology company, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But here we were assembling a tech team. We went to work and never looked back.

The first dealer adopted Photo Assistant 9 months later. Now it operates in a dozen states. Photo Assistant became the core of our own daily photographer operations, as well. Our clipboards, smartphones, DSLRs, and memory cards have all been replaced by a tablet and a cloud. With an intuitive wireframe guide system and to up-to-the-minute inventory lists for the photographer, Photo Assistant has become the essential day-to-day tool for one of the most important aspects of the auto retail business — the task of capturing and posting high-

quality, consistent inventory photos by the most efficient methods possible.

Autoport was the platform we envisioned. For the last year, with Vimal and Sean in the lead, our team has built a solid launching point for sending and receiving photos, communicating, and handling our daily operations. From our desktops and smartphones, Autoport supports the daily tasks of our entire team, publishes photos to the most popular inventory tools, and opens a direct line of communication from the photographer to the dealer on a vehicle’s time-to-market process. More importantly, it shows the dealer what’s happening and why.

Things are moving fast in the auto industry. There are dealers selling 120 pre-owned vehicles out of a 100 car inventory, turning it every 45 days. If you and I had neighboring dealerships and we had the same car — make, model, trim, options, mileage, and price — whoever gets the best photos online the fastest wins. Think about that. If you have your photos online the night before me then you have better odds of selling that car. On third-party sites, no one clicks on a car without photos. It’s really that simple.

It is 2018. Inventory photos have become the single most effective way to bring a vehicle to market.

We want to squeeze out every last second in the time-to-market process. Ultimately, the more time we save our dealers, the more money we save them and the more value we bring to the table. The better the photos we provide in the process, the more value we bring to the dealer’s customers. We see it as a tremendous opportunity to perform.

We’re really excited about Photo Assistant and blazing a trail for the most efficient way to accurately capture vehicles in Auto Retail today. Most of all, we appreciate the market’s response to our products, and we’re really excited to teach you how to create great photos and save time at your dealership with our technologies.

We are Dealer Image Pro and we are dedicated to your success.

- Peter Duffy, CEO - Dealer Image Pro