Premium Photo Service

Not ready for in-house? Leave it to the pros.

Photo Assistant™ is easily the most efficient way to take your photo process in-house, but sometimes you just want a pro. Our full-service photographers arrive in the morning and leave no stone unturned. We thoroughly search for all new and pre-owned vehicles that are clean and photo-ready. We get our own keys, we fetch our own cars. We photograph every vehicle that is ready and get your photos online the same day.

The perfect photo service for you — the perfect photos for your customers.

Auto dealers call on Dealer Image Pro™ because they know what to expect. Giving car buyers the content they need online is the best way to keep their attention. Time and time again, we’ve proven we can standardize the look of one dealership or an entire auto group.

Ask if we have coverage in your area.

Ready, set, go.

Get your inventory photos and video on lock-down.

We are dedicated to your success.