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Heavy Duty

Tough trucks, easy photos.

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Photo Assistant

The ultimate tool for your in-house photographer.

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VIN Duplicate Scanning for
new vehicles
Two-Part Stabilized video for smooth content.
TTM Tracker
TTM Tracker™
Track your inventory through the recon process.

Photo Staging

We don’t do lot shots.

Outdoor Walls

Outdoor Walls
Outdoor Walls

Existing Areas

Existing Areas
Existing Areas

Brand New Spaces

Brand New Spaces
Brand New Spaces

Photo staging is the first step towards flattering photos of your vehicles. Uniform backgrounds, free from distraction, across your inventory create a consistent viewing experience.

It can be simply a south-facing side of a building, an assembled free-standing wall, or a custom-designed photo booth.

Whatever you choose, we’ve designed hundreds of staging areas. And we’ll design yours for free.


Content is king.

Your customers need the content to make an informed buying decision right from a computer or mobile device. They need the ability to compare two similar vehicles and make a decision based on mileage and price. Our software, training, tutorials, professional editing, and impeccable support has created more consistency than any other photo software in the industry.

“A 56% increase in VDP views for pre-owned, a $527 increase in gross profit per unit, and a 51% increase in pre-owned units sold month-over-month. We are extremely happy with the product and the service.”

-Robert Thomas - Internet Manager, Moore Cadillac Richmond | Richmond, Virginia


Say hello to a new era of full-motion video.


With intuitive video guides strategically added between our existing photo guides, Photo Assistant™ brings your vehicles to life with ease. Our breakthrough TPS™ or Two-Part Stabilization creates silky smooth clips for every vehicle. Custom voiceover is generated automatically by the options listed in your inventory tools. The completed video is published on your website and to your YouTube® channel within hours.

Professional Editing

The difference between good and great is in the details.

With Photo Assistant™ wireframe guides, we knew we could teach anyone to capture the perfect photo compositions. With your Photo Assistant™ subscription, photos captured by your trained team member are perfectly cropped, color-corrected, adjusted for highlights and shadows, and our Digital Wax® filter is applied for the perfect crisp set of photos for every vehicle.

The Photo Standard in Auto Retail

Inventory photos are a reflection of the dealership’s brand image.

For us

Creating the photo standard in Auto Retail means leading the way with our high-caliber approach and method of photographing vehicles in a fast-paced environment.

For you

Your photo process should run like clockwork. You deserve photos with a quality and consistency that you can be proud of, backed up by an efficiency and time-to-market that is second-to-none.

For your customer

Show them exactly what they need to see: high-quality images, a clean background that is free from distraction, and a consistent presentation to give them the information they need to make an informed decision.