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Photo Assistant™

The in-house photo & video solution for auto dealers.

Better merchandising.
Better time-to-market.
Any dealer can do it.


Equipment included.

Photo Assistant™ Software
12-Megapixel iPad Pro®
Ergonomic Plastic Case
Camera Strap
Device Charger
Progress Decals
Paint Marker

Every package includes a Photo Assistant™ kit
to get your dealership started.

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What do you want your inventory to look like?

We piloted Photo Assistant™ at a cluster of 7 rooftops. We captured 17% more VDPs/car, 60% more Activity/car, and a 55% increase of Leads/car overall YoY. We've rolled the program out to the rest of our locations.

Mike Williams

Director of Marketing | Peacock Automotive

Photo Staging & Studios

Any budget, any space — your design is free.*

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*Outdoor staging consultation or studio design is included with all Photo Assistant™ packages.

In-Depth Training

We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

With the help of Photo Assistant™ we will train a member of your team how to become an efficient auto dealer photographer. We teach them how to capture perfect photos and video in-house and provide a routine for success.

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Pro Editing & Quality Control

Your inventory is edited and quality controlled daily.

Every photo is perfectly cropped, color-corrected, then adjusted for highlights and shadows before they are published by our editing team.

During the editing process, if your photos are off playbook, they’re flagged by the editors and your photographer is contacted to get them back on track.

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To give auto dealers the knowledge, tools, and support they need to merchandise their cars accurately and efficiently.

To give car-buyers the visual content they need to make an informed buying decision and receive a great shopping experience.

If you get good photos online fast, you make more money.

This is why some of the biggest names in the auto industry trust our process to the get their photos online quickly and effectively.


If you’re ready to save your dealership time and give your customers a better experience, we’re ready to help.


To change the face of your dealership.