Our process.

A recipe for success starts with a purposefully implemented approach.
Our photo process has not had a glitch in time-to-market since changing to Dealer Image Pro — it has actually elevated our sales.
Jimmy Cahill
Used Vehicle Director | Fletcher Jones Audi Beverly Hills

Design your staging based on
your budget & space.


Provide all hardware & software.


In-Depth Training

Day 1:

  • Positioning and prepping vehicles
  • Capturing photos and video using Photo Assistant™
  • Using inventory lists to determine which vehicles need photos

Day 2:

  • Drill photo and video capture process with photographer
  • Implement routine and establish lot strategy
  • Introduce management team to Autoport®

After training, we keep a close watch over your photographer.

If an editor notices that your photos are off playbook, our team will reach out to your photographer with corrections and instructional videos to get them back on track.


Pro Editing & Quality Control

All photos are touched by a human editor. Editors straighten and crop each image to create consistent spacing and representation, then color correct, add contrast, and adjust highlights and shadows.

If an editor receives photos with incorrect compositions, we contact your photographer and get them back on track.


Ongoing Support

Your photos are published several times a day by feed to your inventory tools via FTP. Our support team works with every kind of dealership website and inventory tool system to get your photos online quickly and reliably.