Game Changer.

Quality photos. Faster time to market. Affordable.

This is Photo Assistant™

Take your inventory photos in-house and leave the processing to professionals.

More than just an app.

Photo Assistant™ is the ultimate solution for inventory photos.

With its patented ergonomically designed case, sophisticated iPad platform, and solid Verizon LTE connection, Photo Assistant™ is a user-friendly photo tool that is indispensable and will meet the needs of any dealership.

Accurate compositions

Imagine perfect, consistent photos every single time.

Photo Assistant™ is a revolutionary device that will help turn your team member into a pro. Using a series of visual guides, Photo Assistant™ will allow a trained member of your team to capture our original compositions. Step by step, the device walks your team member through the process in exactly the same way, every single time you photograph a vehicle. There are photo guides for coupe, sedan, truck, and SUV.

Not everyone is a natural photographer, but now anyone can create professional-quality photos.

Visually appetizing

Everything a customer needs. Nothing they don’t.

These are just some of the 33 relevant guides you’ll get for every vehicle. There are no snapshots with Photo Assistant. Every visual guide is made to create a relevant image of that vehicle specifically for the savvy used-car buyer.

Just press play

Simply click “upload” and we’ll take it from there.

When you’re done shooting, Photo Assistant™ uses a solid Verizon® LTE connection to send all of your images back to our headquarters to be edited by professionals. Your photos are neatly cropped and color corrected, and our proprietary Digital Wax™ filter is applied to make your vehicles really pop. Your fresh vehicle images are then uploaded directly to your existing inventory-management site.


Add Vehicle.

Scan VIN.

Shoot Vehicle. 


It’s That Easy.


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