All Inclusive.

Because you're exclusive.

All of these items are included with the purchase of Photo Assistant™ for your dealership.
These are the items that completely separate us from any other option
you have for merchandising in the automotive industry.





Unlimited training.

We train your photographer while you sell cars.

Whether you’re using someone with no photography experience or you already have an in-house photographer, our training team will provide the knowledge and direction that they need to get consistent and flattering images of your vehicles. With the help of Photo Assistant™, someone at your dealership can be properly trained within days to shoot your inventory.

Get a new photographer? 

We’ll train the new one at no additional charge. You won’t notice a difference, and your customers will continue to have the same great experience.

Achieve identical results at scale.

Same results across your entire platform.

Professional editing everyday.

After your photographer shoots and taps upload, it’s hands off for your dealership.

7 days per week

Our editors take your photos the rest of the way. All images are edited by professionals and then published to your website and inventory tools.

Background removal? No problem.
We have a variety of backgrounds to choose from or you can customize and use your own.

Quality control built-in.

The training never stops. We’re always watching.


We have an eye on your vehicles at all times, even after training. Our editing team provides oversight by flagging any considered off-playbook:


Your photographer receives an immediate notification on their device that shows a side-by-side comparison of their image and the correct composition. Our QC team will contact your photographer by phone, email, or text until we can get things back on track.

Monitor your merchandising.

Autoport® is where it all comes together.


Reports & Stats

Monitor Workflow

Download Photos for Social

Our platform Autoport® integrates with all the major DMSs and website providers in the auto industry and keeps your photos flowing to your digital frontline. All photos captured from Photo Assistant™ get imported, edited, and published directly to your VDPs and go out the next data feed to your inventory tools. Any member of your team can watch your photo process from anywhere. 

  • Daily photo summaries
  • Weekly Photo Reports
  • Determine which vehicles need photos
  • Time-to-market at a glance
  • Monitor photographer activity
  • Download edited photos for social media & marketing