Photo Assistant - Auto Dealer Photography

Photo Assistant™

Everything your dealership needs to capture photos and video in one powerful app.


Wireframe Guidelines

Step-by-step photo and video guides lead your photographer through each vehicle in the fastest possible route. During the capture process, guides enforce consistency and flattering angles to give your customers every piece of a vehicle they need to make an informed buying decision.

Place the vehicle within the lines, press the capture button, and our editors will do the rest — it’s that easy.






Easy photos, easy video.

Same-day photo publishing.

Full-motion video & 360 spins on your VDP in minutes.

Capture time.

Video guides strategically placed between photo guides maximize photographer workflow and minimize labor hours.


Real photos, real dealers, in real situations, just like you. You can do this.

Ernst Auto

Outdoor South-Facing Wall

Calstar Mercedes-Benz

Parking Structure New Staging

Peacock Hyundai

Existing Garage New Staging
South Carolina

Lithia Camp Chevrolet

Old Building New Photo Tent

Fletcher Jones Audi Beverly Hills

Basement New Lighting Turntable

DCH Toyota Oxnard

Old Studio New Lighting

A great customer experience starts with great merchandising.


New Car Cloning

Never shoot the same new car twice.
How does it work?

Every time your photographer shoots a unique new vehicle, the photos are stored as a set. When Photo Assistant’s VIN Duplicate Scan detects a potential matching vehicle, the match is confirmed by the photographer, and they are prompted to snap a photo of the VIN and window sticker of that vehicle. The photos are then added to the previous set of photos.

VDS™ Technology gets real photos from your dealership online quickly and saves labor hours on the lot.


Inventory Lists

Organize your day.


A data feed from your inventory tools gives your photographer a list of vehicles that need photos in the palm of their hands. This list informs your photographer what to do the minute they step on the lot.


Together, Photo Assistant™ and our platform Autoport® create clear and concise communication between your inventory tools, your managers, and your photographer to shorten your overall time-to-market.


Organize your digital frontline.

Our user-friendly platform interacts directly with your inventory tools to get your photos online quickly and safely. From Autoport®, you can:

  • Emailed Photo Reports and Stats
  • Review your time-to-market at a glance
  • Determine which vehicles still need photos & video
  • Communicate with Photo Assistant™
  • Monitor photographer activity
  • Download photos for social
Available on desktop, iOS, and Android.

The greatest benefit is the speed to market. We are in control of the process. We don’t have to rely on an outside vendor.

Larry Hamilton

General Manager | Sonic Cadillac Las Vegas

The Photo Assistant™ Kit.

Everything you need to get pro photos in-house.

  • Photo Assistant™ App

  • 12-Megapixel iPad Pro®

  • Ergonomic Plastic Case

  • Camera Strap

  • Device Charger

  • Progress Decals

  • Paint Marker

Photo Assistant™ App

Photos, video, and 360° — all in one powerful iOS app

12-Megapixel iPad Pro®

The iPad Pro® captures crisp, stunning photos and full-motion video that gives your customers the content they need.

Device Charger

Charge your Photo Assistant™ with ease.

Ergonomic Plastic Case

Our custom, high-impact case was designed to protect your device through everyday use.

Camera Strap

The camera strap keeps your device safely on your shoulder to free up your hands to do the most important tasks.

Progress Decals

A slick polypropylene sticker for every vehicle photographed keeps your photographer organized.

Paint Marker

A wet-erase marker is an essential tool for every lot attendant..


To change the face of your dealership.